Lantana Gin

Redridge, QLD Australia
NSW + ACT only


This unconventional gin is the product of a family-run, biodynamic sugarcane farm in Redridge, QLD (not far from Bundaberg). Freshly crushed sugarcane is allowed to wild-ferment before its pot-distilled into Rhum/Rum Agricole. Some is then aged in barrels, the rest is distilled with Lantana leaf (known for its pungent citrus-sage scent) as its main botanical, along with Juniper of course, and finger lime. 

Lantana is from the verbena family and in Australia it’s an invasive weed. Native to South America, its dainty blossoms were introduced to Australia as an ornamental garden plant in 1841; since when it’s spread like wildfire across the east coast. A threat to native vegetation and farms alike, Lantana is plentiful in the bush at Redridge. 

The resulting hand-crafted gin is a unique and refreshing solution to the problem.