Cambridge Distillery

Cambridge, United Kingdom


At the heart of all excellent gin is a respect for botanicals. It was on a walk in the countryside of their  Cambridge home when William and Lucy Lowe, enjoying the botanical scents of the landscape, were inspired to create their own gin.

With exceptional gin in their sights, they built their first still in the living room. Multiple awards and achievements later, they have maintained their small-scale high-quality output, with the freshest botanicals still picked within a 10 mile radius. Each botanical is distilled individually adjusting variables including temperature, timing and pressure in order to perfectly capture its flavour. Master Distiller William then expertly blends these individual distillates into a harmonious whole, an art he has mastered over 20 years.

While the Cambridge Dry takes a turn around an English summer garden, with botanicals including juniper, basil, rosemary, angelica, lemon verbena, blackcurrant leaf and rose petals, much of the range pushes the envelope. The Anty Gin is the world’s first ant gin, created in collaboration with the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen, and each bottle contains the essence of 62 red wood ants while the Truffle Gin marches boldly where most gins fear to tread: the digestive end of the drinks list. There it more than holds its own among aged spirits, its full flavoured complexity led by white truffle from Alba, Piedmont.