High Hopes Wine Company is a wholesaler, importer and distributor of good drinks. 

In 2011 a couple of guys, Ned Brooks and Joel Amos, each with a viticulturalist as a parent, bonded over a shared background in wine and a good feeling about where a niche of the wine industry was headed: the questioning of the status quo mass-produced big wines (or Big Wine) in favour of a more natural style of winemaking and grape-growing. Brooks & Amos was born, a small agency business. Many of the Australian producers we met and whose wine we loved were just starting out too.  

Fast forward to today and Brooks & Amos has evolved into High Hopes Wine Company – now with Ned Brooks solely at the helm. The producers we work with remain some of the truest characters in the business. They’ve entrusted us with sharing their stories and ~ literally ~ the fruits of their labour and we’re proud to connect them with some of Australia’s best restaurants, bars and retailers. 

Our product list is not encyclopaedic, ticking off one of each varietal or region. Nor is it dogmatically ‘natural’. Just a healthy respect for the grapes, the earth they’re grown from, and the craft of the vigneron. It’s what interests us, the things we want to drink.